This indie pop singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist wunderkind is like no other. With a penchant for lyrics and melody that feel like they enter through the bloodstream and permeate the soul, her music transcends. 

Growing up in a musical atmosphere, this Australian born artist eschewed a regular childhood in pursuit of mastering multiple instruments. Nurtured by her mother, a gifted musician and singer herself, Benedicts’ journey as a prolific songwriter started at the ripe age of five years old. 

Deepening her understanding and curiosity for musical paradigms, Benedict cut her teeth on some of the greats. Delving into the storytelling and social advocate work of Joan Baez. Taking inspiration from the iconic David Bowie’s musical transformations. Being mesmerised by the jaw-dropping vocals of Janis Joplin to the brilliant performances of Queen and many more. All of which have helped shape the cornerstones of Benedict’s own sirenic vocal stylings and writing. 

Benedict writes her songs purely inspired by heartbreak, love, social observation and justice within our society today. These lived experiences translate into her deeply authentic art. After many years writing and touring her own musical projects, as well as, time spent working behind the scenes developing, producing and collaborating with other artists. Benedict took time out in 2016, sequestered away in a cabin in the mountains, writing and honing in on her new sound. Which, as it turns out, is one that echoes somewhere between adolescent Pink Floyd and late night slow dancing with Prince

Now with 2 releases and 3 remixes out, Benedict has hit the ground running sharing her new powerhouse music with us! 


Already with incredible write ups from the likes of renowned music blogger and online mag TONEDEAF, and, making the TOP 10 TONEDEAF favourite releases of the year...Benedict is already making her mark in these early stages.